Performance, Archived (except by commission) 

“In August of 1968 a young man wearing a brown corduroy suit travelled from his home in the Midlands and ran away to Stevenage New Town. Something happened there, or didn’t happen, and what happened because of what didn’t happen is what you are paying to have me tell you.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I invited you. But you must have been interested enough to come. And it means that I must have a stake in all this. Putting things straight. Getting it all out in the open…..”

“That show was Mandy Romero’s first full-length exploration of her complicated relationship with her creative associate Roger Hill. A trailer film for “Stevenage” can be seen here

The show toured widely and eventually found its inevitable home at the Stevenage Festival in 2013 and the New Town which inspired it.”

Of all of my live performance works “Stevenage” has had the most performances, premiering in Liverpool in 2010 and touring the following year, then finally showing at the Stevenage Festival in 2012. It is an epic piece, performed in promenade and with three projection screens so it needs a lot of technical preparation to be revived, but with the perennial interest in Britain’s New Towns there could still be some interest out there?