Photographic Exhibition/Available to be programmed

In 2017 I travelled across Asia from China to Azerbaijan, through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.This is the blog which tells the story of the journey -> Website Blog

“The artist Mandy Romero is taking a large square of silk along the Silk Roads from China to the Bosphorus. Along the way it wraps around her in various ways, and accompanies her as she discovers new places and experiences,and sometimes it escapes to make its own explorations. This is a record of its adventures – and some of Mandy’s.”

The Exhibition was commissioned by the Arts Centre at Edge Hill University with a sound-and-image installation presenting the same journey from the point of view of artistic associate Roger Hill and was first shown in March 2019 after which it was programmed for the Homotopia Festival at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool.

First Exhibition in The Arts Centre at Edge Hill University