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I have worked in many art galleries - The Arnolfini in Bristol, Kiasma in Helsinki, for example - but Tate Liverpool has been the place with which I have developed the closest relationship over the years. In fact my first public live art intervention was at the Tate’s “Shopping” show in 2003. That rather caught them by surprise and I kept on inserting myself into their opening nights until they invited me to actually join in as part of the Live Art show “Art, Lies and Videotape”. And then I got to present a public response to the huge video installation “Assume Vivid Astro Focus”. Later I got to run a Gender Workshop in connection with the Niki De Saint Phalle exhibition, and even get all of the Young Tate together for a Halloween “Dress-up-and-photo-session” Party.

Maybe time for a bit more Tate in my life (and me in theirs).....

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Young Tate Fright Night

Working on Art, Lies and Videotape Opening Night