The Bluecoat


The Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool has been a home-from-home for most of my performing life. I have premiered many of my best works there, - “Stevenage” and “Scandinavia Has Been Good To Me”, also “The Mandayana” - and at the start of my Live Art career in 2003 I was given the chance to be one of three Associate Artists working in and around the building. I was able to try out many good (and some not-so-good) ideas and learn my craft as a performing artist.

During the period when the Bluecoat was closed for refurbishment and redevelopment I joined them in various shop locations called “Out Of The Bluecoat” where I carried out a whole range of Live Art actions, many of which still live in memory (and thankfully photographs). 

I was also honoured to be invited, as Queen Of Culture” to join the artists “re-opening” the building in 2008 after its major refurbishment. On that day I met the man who is now Metropolitan Mayor of Manchester.

I hope to have many more happy associations with Britains’s oldest Arts Centre.