I have taken every opportunity to write about my transgender experiences and trans issues generally. I am a good writer and am happy to see myself in print. Many invitations have been to write for online publications. Here are some links to pieces I wrote for “Transgender Universe”

Sticks and Stones and Others
Sex Matters
Hateful Opinions
Whose Rights
Long Live The Great Diversity
Now You See Me

but I have my own trans blog “Transworld Review” which you can find here

Among other writings the star creation is “The Mandayana”, a transgender epic in the manner of the “Ramayana” or the Mahabharata”, which has taken several forms including a full performance over two days in 2003 at the Bluecoat in Liverpool with projections, set and live sound-track. It was one of the results of my Round The World trip in 2001, another of which was a travelogue “Dragging Around The World”.

One artistic outcome of my work in the Pearl River Delta in 2007 was a book documenting and interpreting my experiences “Kou”.(picture above)

All three texts await a publisher.

And, of course, I still have some copies of my book “The Great Make-over”