Mandy Romero began her Live Art career at Liverpool's 2002 Biennial in a performance piece produced by Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Previous to that she had begun performing on the first of her "Dragging Round the World" circumnavigations of the globe. In 2003 she was one of three Associate Artists in Live Art at the Liverpool Bluecoat Arts Centre where, amongst a number of works created, she premiered the "live" version of her transgender epic "The Mandayana". After the second of her global tours in 2004 she was given a Fellowship in Live Art by the Arts Council to spend two months in residence at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. In 2005 she extended her involvement with the Liverpool Tate through a number of gallery-based performances and trained in Improvisation with Andrew Morrish the Australian dancer/improviser in Amsterdam.

Since 2007 Mandy has concentrated on a number of strands of work, --

- creating a number of live performance works based on autobiographical experience and research –
In Excelsis”,
Scandinavia Has been Good to Me
Consolation No 3
– all profiled on this site

- a number of short film works

- bespoke events and encounters, like “Tranny Hotel

- her writing

- some stellar photo-collaborations, a lot of them involving travel and symbolic journeys, not least several times in China, now in public exhibitions


The work of an artist like Mandy Romero covers a lot of ground and a wide range of media. Mandy has worked in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australasia as well as extensively in the UK on a wide range of projects, some commissions, some self-initiated. 

For every great image here, many of them taken by some consummate photographers there are many more. They represent a body of work adventurous and inventive and perhaps not well-enough known

If there are underlying themes to the work, they are concerned with making transgender public and widely respected. There is a strong emphasis on images and appearance and the magic realism to be found in public interventions. For Mandy there is a diversity in appearance which responds to environment and circumstances. It has also been important to reveal the panoramas of the 21st Century as exposed to the transgender presence.
As Mandy puts it,-

“I work in the medium of “transgender” and I insert transgender into performance occasions to draw attention to issues and perspectives unique to it as performance and/or experience (the way transgender sees things and/or the way transgender experiences things).”
It seems that, as transgender finally is having its “moment in the sun” transgender artists should rise to the occasion with their work. Mandy Romero strives to do that.


This site contains images and brief descriptions of Mandy’s works in Live, visual and written forms and indicates which of them are available for booking or publication. All enquiries about use or promotion of the work and images should be addressed to